Tarzan review

tarzan review

79 reviews of Disneys Musical Tarzan - CLOSED "Ich bin restlos begeistert von diesem unglaublich tollem Musical! Die Bühnenbilder haben so viel Stimmung. 2. Jan. Hinweis: Bei der in diesem Review vorgestellten Disc handelt es sich um die 4K Ultra HD von 'Legend of Tarzan' (eine herkömmliche. Das Muscial Tarzan habe ich mit meiner Freundin leider nur einmal besucht. Die Akrobatik ist super und auch die Lieder sind fantastisch. Man ist mittendrin statt.

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Tarzan, eine Roman-Verfilmung von Disney der besonderen Art. Ein weiteres Beispiel dieser geschichtlichen Schönfärberei ist Samuel L. Ist der Roman bereits recht betagt, verfasste Edgar Rice Burroughs bereits die Geschichte um einen Waisenjungen, der von Gorillas aufgezogen wird, hauchen die Macher von Disney dieser Geschichte mit dieser Verfilmung ganz neues Leben ein. Alles in allem ist dies einer der besten Disney-Filme überhaupt und die neue 2-Disk Edition ist in jedem Fall ein Kauf wert. We take abuse seriously in our discussion boards. Dank grausamer Sklavenarbeit billig zu ernten und zu transportieren. Tarzan 2-Disc Special Edition [ Zeichentrick ]. Das wahre Leben war um einiges unversöhnlicher:

Tarzan review -

Es ist beinahe fahrlässig, wie Regisseur David Yates mit den historischen Tatsachen umgeht. Zwar kann man sich was zusammenreimen, aber hier sind wir wieder bei dem Vorwurf, dem sich Legend of Tarzan stellen muss, sich zu wenig um den Background seiner Hauptdarsteller zu kümmern. Stattdessen rekrutierte er nicht immer auf freiwilliger Basis afrikanische Kämpfer, darunter auch Kinder, für seine Söldnertruppe, die Force Publique. Ein mit viel Herz inszenierter Sommer-Blockbuster, der sich wohltuend von der Masse abhebt und für reichlich Unterhaltung sorgt. Amidst the idyllic landscape of the sunny and luxurious tropical vegetation, the film takes us through the dilapidated buildings with bullet holes as reminders of previous armed conflicts. Der Ton wartet mit einem hochwertigen. August Atemberaubende Performance! The Legend of Tarzan. Da er an den schrecklichen Dingen, die den Indianern angetan wurden, beteiligt war, ist er der Meinung, nicht besser zu sein als Rom und seine Männer. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 3. Steuern und Gebühren sind in den Angeboten nicht inbegriffen. Bestes Beispiel Craig wird gefragt, ob er den Martini "geschüttelt oder gerührt" möchte und er meinte sowas wie sehe ich so aus als würde mich das interessieren. Lediglich die fehlende Format-Füllung, rechts und links sind kleine schwarze Streifen im Bild, kann man hier als Kritik anbringen. Woran man sich abseits dieser inhaltlichen Potentialverschwendung erfreuen kann: Und eines Tages passiert das Unvermeidliche: Besonders der Audio-Kommentar zum Film sollte man sich unbedingt anhören. Pro Stellung sollen jeweils Söldner stationiert werden. Hier hat Disney gegenüber der ersten Edition ordentlich nach gelegt, da bleibt wirklich kein Wunsch mehr offen.

On a more positive note though, Samuel L. Jackson looked like he was having fun on the role and his character gave the film that much needed energy from time to time.

Christoph Waltz however was generic to an unbelievable degree, his character's motivation for doing the things he's doing make very little sense, not that anybody even cares about it either way.

Even the CGI was mediocre, in a year when we've had movies like The Jungle Book where the talking animals looked almost photo-realistic, Legend of Tarzan just fails on that and many other levels too.

There were a few scenes here and there that were fine-ish to look at and slightly interesting but overall I would not recommend this film at all.

It is filled with potential but only ends up being a major disappointment that suffers from terrible pacing and a story which is all over the place to say the least.

AliceA Sep 10, This movie is stupid. Not only was there a lot of CGI it was poorly done and not essential to the plot. These 25 filmmakers have an almost flawless record of critically Monkey Movies of the Past 25 Years, Ranked.

We rank every major monkey movie since from worst to best by We rank this summer's highest-grossing films by Metascore. By Metascore By Userscore.

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The Legend of Tarzan: Release the Beast Featurette International. I Never Take The Stairs. Margot Robbie On Her Character. I Need You To Scream. The difficulty came in making a three-dimensional environment blend with characters that were two-dimensional.

Art Director Dan St. I had never seen backgrounds like that before. Other aspects of the film that are fascinating are why the producers thought animation would be a better medium for telling Edgar Rice Burroughs' story than live action; why they chose Phil Collins, someone who wasn't voicing one of the characters, to write and perform the songs one of which won the Oscar - "You'll Be in My Heart" ; why they chose to keep Tarzan in the jungle rather than sending him off to London, as Burroughs' did; why Tarzan doesn't talk "ape talk," as he does in most other Tarzan movies; why they made him move the way he does; etc.

The way Tarzan moves - with freedom and joy, imitating the behaviors of different animals - has a lot to do with the philosophy behind the production.

The producers wanted to be as true to Burroughs' vision of Tarzan as possible: There's a strong theme of family in the film, and what constitutes a real family: This is symbolized when two characters place their hands together, palm-to-palm: It's a powerful symbol, and one that represents how this film is a cut above most other animated films, even Disney.

The voice actors bring another dimension to the film: My one complaint - and it's small, considering everything else - is that the DVD doesn't have as much background on the voice actors as it promises.

But if you're a fan of the Tarzan stories, love Disney animation, or are interested in the art of animation in general, you need to get the Collector's Edition DVD.

Also, you might be interested in The Tarzan Chronicles by Howard Green - an excellent printed version of the film's journey.

I loved the animation, the musical score and mostly Tarzan. Tarzan can tree surf and almost fly through the air. This is what Burroughs imagined when he wrote Tarzan, but this could never be accomplished in real life.

In the animated world, Tarzan almost flies. I loved his strained relationship with his ape-father Kurchak. The scene where Tarzan hands the dead leopard to Kurchak and 2 stare into each others' eyes is almost mesmerizing.

Unfortunately we never get to see if Kurchak would've accepted him because that's when the humans enter the scene.

I also loved the scene where Tarzan and Jane were sitting in the tree and Tarzan touched his hand to hers. For the first time he saw that there were others like him.

This led to a lot of confusion for Tarzan. He wanted to protect his ape family, but at the same time, wanted Jane to stay in Africa.

This leads him to endanger his ape family. It uses Dolby Digital 5. The picture is done in deep canvas animation and looks as close to 3D as a non computer animation can.

The only thing I hate about the DVD is you have to fast forward thru ads to get even get to the menu. Tarzan represents Disney's first leap into a more adult-oriented animated movie for a G-rating anyway and for a first leap, it sure is one hell of a good one.

I was a bit skeptical at first, after witnessing Disney's last films, the mediocre Hercules and the cartoony Mulan. But after witnessing the multiple trailers and ads that Disney pitched to the public, I got a bit curious.

And it's damn lucky that I got curious. Disney's Tarzan is a masterpiece on all levels. The animation is better than Disney's past efforts, and is accentuated by the extensive use of a new "deep-canvas" technique.

Tarzan's agility and swiftness is exemplified in dramatic form with the 3D backgrounds, and action scenes rival The Matrix's, with some of the best camera work ever seen, animated or not.

The story of Tarzan is beautifully touching and tear-jerking, even more so than in past Disney films. There is a neat amount of foreshadowing in this movie, making it very moving when it tries to be.

Perhaps the greatest achievement of this movie is its music. In addition to some of the best work composer Mark Mancia has ever done, pop-artist Phil Collins lends his experienced voice and masterful lyrics to the movie.

The resultant music is powerful and affecting. Phil's background vocals make for a welcome and needed change over Disney's usual singing characters.

All the above aspects factor into Tarzan for one of the most moving, engrossing, and downright goosebumb-inducing, cinematic experiences ever crafted.

Disney takes the boring Tarzan formula and transforms it into something much deeper than anyone ever thought possible.

Never presume too much with Disney flicks again, if Tarzan is a portent of things to come. This movie has been a favorite of mine since its initial release.

I saw it in the theaters and was blown away by the sheer beauty of the locales and Mr. I went to see it twice and then eagerly anticipated the VHS in February , trust me, it seemed like forever!

The movie is of-course a first rate Disney classic with state of the art technology, catchy music and the obligatory sidekicks and gags. This being a regular release, as opposed to the Diamond Editions, it lacks in bonus features and will not resume playing from where you'd left off which is a pity as I had gotten used to it already.

Why does Disney do that? Anyway, the picture quality alone is worth your purchase, And of course it doesn't hurt that it's a great film. Digitally i could get a copy on itunes and VUDU.

This studio is doing the right thing that allows me to watch the movie and not have to juggle apps on where i need to watch the movie.

Djimon Hounsou as Chief Mbonga. Saper as Young Tarzan 18 Years. Christian Stevens as Young Tarzan 5 Years. Casper Crump as Major Kerckhover.

Sidney Ralitsoele as Wasimbu. Osy Ikhile as Kwete. Mens-Sana Tamakloe as Kolo. Antony Acheampong as Kanam. Edward Apeagyei as Kimanga.

Ashley Byam as Kasai. Adam Ganne as German Force Publique. Aleksandar Mikic as Muscular Force Publique. Gary Cargill as Unruly Force Publique.

Shaun Smith as Medieval Faced Mercenary. Ian Mercer as Freckled Force Publique. Alex Ferns as Force Publique Officer. Roger Evans as Force Publique Officer.

Clive Brunt as Senior Officer. Charles Babalola as Kulonga. Yule Masiteng as Muviro. Mimi Ndiweni as Eshe.

Faith Edwards as Older Kuba Woman. Matt Cross as Akut. Madeleine Worrall as Kala. William Wollen as Kerchak. Cedric Weber as French Engineer.

Charlie Anson as Sergeant. Simon Russell Beale as Mr. John Hollingworth as Steward. Maxim De Villiers as Young Officer.

Miles Jupp as The Valet. Teresa Churcher as Stern Maid. Jim Broadbent as Prime Minister. Christopher Benjamin as Lord Knutsford. Paul Hamilton as Lord Stanhope.

Ben Chaplin as Captain Moulle. Faisal Mohammed as Huge Warrior. Genevieve O'Reilly as Tarzan's Mother. Hadley Fraser as Tarzan's Father. Augusts Dakteris as Tarzan Aerial Artist.

Caitlin McIntosh as Pigtails. Sophia Ramos as Singer. Oliver Lamb as Curious Young Boy. Matilda Hedley as Child aged Luke Smith as Children in Greystoke Manor.

Adam Scholes as Children in Greystoke Manor. Owen Walters as Children in Gretystoke Manor. Ghostbusters , The Legend of Tarzan , and More.

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